Asia Association aims to be the preferred supplier of logistics consultancy to our clients, bringing real added value to their supply chain management and logistics planning. Total Logistics has worked for companies throughout Asia, and the rest of the world, including many major global brands. All have identified outsourcing reduces the need for costly real estate to hold inventory.

Outsourcing warehouse logistics operations adds to the bottom line for both the retailer and manufacturer through accurate, well-managed inventory and supply chain solutions. Asia Association offers expertise that manufacturers, distributors and shippers can tap into, allowing users to achieve supply chain solutions with their customers that minimize total delivered costs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Warehousing, Logistics and Transportation
  • Focus on core competency
  • Reduction in the cost of manufacturing and logistics services
  • Reduction in head count of hourly workers and management staff
  • Improved accuracy
  • Flexibility and wider range of services
  • Access to global networks and superior technology
  • Improved service quality
  • Reduced capital investment and increased cash flow

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