At Asia Association, product localisation means adapting the product or service in such a manner that it is able to successfully sustain itself in a foreign market. Due to the vast diversity between certain markets, merely translating the text from one language to the other is not. A phrase or idiom from English would never carry the same punch when translated to a foreign language. The actual meaning might end up getting lost in translation; or end up doing more harm than good Since most markets would be hostile to the entry of foreign producers or competitors, localisation aims at giving the product a domestic touch. Once the consumer begins to feels that the product is specifically designed for them, the initial skepticism gives way to an interest to buy.

Our product localisation also includes the Internet. Large website owners often feel the need to localise their sites in order to tap the potential of markets where customers do not speak the same language. By website localisation, a website is not only translated, but it is ensured that it meets the set requirements and the purpose.

Benefits of Outsourcing Product Localisation
  • Never underestimate the power of selling and servicing customers in their own language when your fiercest competitor insists on offering English-only products. After all, the language of business is not English; it is the language of the customer
  • Localising website shows to target customers unquestionable commitment to international prospects. When worldwide customers and prospects log on Web site and find it offered in their native tongue, their impression of that company changes. Not only will visitors clearly understand your services, they’ll also feel secure and comfortable with the company and the web page translation
  • Product localisation reduces support costs where they are the most expensive, i.e., overseas. In addition to lowering support calls, a properly localised product will help international users better understand and apply your products, producing a happier customer experience

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