Asia Association provides our client with the best solutions for their printing needs. We understand the challenges they face in a competitive and fluid business environment. Our connections and geographic reach help our client expand their business into new markets and print closer to the end user. Our commitment to employing the latest technology assures our client will receive the most competitive, Top-quality Print and Fixture Product in the industry.

Benefits of outsourcing printing needs to Asia Association
  • Reduces the number of vendor relationships allowing our client time to effectively manage their core supplier base
  • One-stop production offers you quality and consistency across all market segments
  • Allows our client to better leverage volume through more stabilized pricing, focus and attention from vendors and volume rebate incentives
  • Improve on-time deliveries based on repeat history
  • Improves negotiations & management of printing materials, reducing prices
  • Allows our team to be involved up-front to assist in identifying quality issues, creating designs and reducing costs

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