At Asia Association, we provide our clients with the best solutions for their service needs. We understand the challenges they face in a competitive and fluid business environment. Hence, we offer a vast range of services across South East Asia aiming to help our client expand their business into new markets and create solutions to drive the biggest results for their business. Some of the services we provide include Delivery, Deployment, Retrofitting, Break fix, and Repackaging services.

Retail Activation Our Retail Activation involves delivery and deployment service to help our clients integrate Retail assets, inventories, deployment, and transportation plans to ensure the lowest possible cost and maintain the desired Branding quality of service. We provide deployment of merchandise, POP materials display, retail fixtures and brand assets to support retail activities including Product Launches, promotional sales programs within retail malls and outdoor locations .  To maintain the desired quality of service, our experienced operators will ensure that all deployment assignments go through quality control procedures and stringent work practice. Before manpower are being deployed, they will be trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills required to carry out tasks and to achieve optimal work performance.

Other related Services
Retrofitting, Break Fix and Repackaging Services Our Retrofitting, Break fix, and Repackaging services are designed to solve many challenges in keeping Brands Alive at the retail front. Our operators are trained to follow stringent working practices and quality control procedures ensuring work is completed to the correct standard and on time. The flexibility of the workforce means you can rely on us to fulfil all aspects of your requirement whatever the lead time.   Our clients enjoy the single point contact services with us, to execute their retail work order directives from their HQ to the various countries in Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and rest of Southeast Asia region.

Benefits of Retrofitting, Break Fix & Repackaging
  • Retrofitting - Refresh your Marketing Assets to Promote New Sale and Customer Retention
  • Break Fix - Repair and Recycle your Marketing Assets to minimize waste & save cost, while maintain Brand Presence
  • Repackaging Services - Meet Customers’ expectation on packaging esthetic and contents from different parts of the World
Our Retail Activation, Retrofitting, Break Fix and Repackaging services help our clients reach out to their customers in the South East Asia region, including & not limited to various segments in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.  Within each country, we enable our clients to be connected to Consumers at Home, Commercial Customers in Offices, Retailers at Shopping Malls, and also various Service Hubs including Repair Centers and Customer Services points.

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