Consumers in Asia are taking to Internet shopping like never before as the region becomes one of the world's fastest growing e-commerce markets. Internet retailing is increasingly making its presence felt in Asia because telecommunications infrastructure has improved, and payment modes, a major obstacle to online shopping, are now more secure.  Online Sales are expected to rise at astonishing rate every year.

In the world of retail, relationships between manufacturers, distributors, traditional retailers and customers are shifting. For decades, most manufacturers did not sell directly to customers. Distributors and traditional Retailers served as middlemen by purchasing items in bulk from the makers and sell them to consumers at a higher rate.

With the rise of online retail, however, the way customers shop is changing. Those changes are also impacting the relationships between manufacturers, distributors and traditional retailers.  For many manufacturers, working with traditional retailers via distributors was traditionally the only way to get their products in front of customers. Distributors and traditional Retailers provided the manpower, infrastructure, and retail space that the manufacturers do not own.

However, with the rise of the internet, the distribution business model is evolving. Some Manufacturers are increasingly skipping distributors and retailers; and selling products directly to consumers.

At Asia Association, we offer our clients end to end Online Order Delivery Services to enable our clients to sell their products directly to consumers or commercial end users in Singapore as well as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.  We also provide interim warehousing for storage of their products to enable shorter turnaround time to fulfill Online Orders within each country.

Benefits of our Online Order Delivery Services

  • Hassle Free Direct Delivery from Manufacturers to end customers
  • Skipping the traditional middleman to sell directly to end customers reduce the cost to serve
  • Establish closer relationship with the end customers to better understand buy behavior
  • Faster response to end customer’s feedback and need for after sales services.
  • Local storage enable faster delivery turnaround time in each country
  • Enable our clients to sell directly from their own brand portal to end customers, instead of via third party e-commerce platforms with multiple competitors’ products.

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